Hi…welcome to my baju bundle collection site!

My name is Keong and I live in Kuala Lumpur. I have been a big fan of Baju Bundle or bundled used clothing since I was a kid. Most of my clothing are from bundle and I will travel far and wide in search of the items I am looking for. To me, shopping in a kedai bundle (a used clothing store), be it in Malaysia or in other countries is like finding treasure. One will never know what treasure is burried within.I have owned my own baju bundle store once. I have worked in a used clothing processing factory and I have helped friends established their stores. I have sourced for items (bales and single pieces even) from as far as Japan to the US. I obtain items from collectors, bulk sellers and even from people who are just trying to rid of their belongings.

Over the years, I have amassed quite a stock of baju bundle. Most of the items I use but some I keep as a collection. From vintage, rare jeans to brands like A Bathing Ape, X-Large, Beams and Gramicci, I have owned and worn pieces of them at one time or another. Other items includes shoes, outdoor equipment like backpacks and even household curtains and rugs.

I am lucky because the lady of my life understands and even appreciates my passion. Over the years, even she has started to choose bundle clothing to fill her wardrobe. We both enjoy our baju bundle shopping and have even done vacations around it! In 2007, we visited the huge bundle market in Aran at the Thai-Cambodia market.


Aran is an excellent place to hunt for good stuff

I doubt if we will ever change this habit of buying recycled clothing for our everyday use. It is fun, exciting and extremely economical. We dedicate this blog of ours to all the people who loves baju bundle!

Have fun bundle shopping!


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