The Pantera ‘Watch It Go 3’ shirt

I decided to pay RM30 for this Pantera ‘Watch It Go 3’ T-shirt at a baju bundle stall in a pasar malam purely because of its color and condition. Not really a fan of ‘thrash metal’ music

According to my search on the internet, the ‘Watch It Go’ is actually a video designed specifically for the die hard fans of this thrash metal band. It was filmed on their tour by the band members themselves, revealing many of the ‘behind’ scenes of the tour.

The design on the front of the shirt

The shirt, while is not new is in a rather ‘mint’ condition. What attracted me to it were its striking colors. Though the design is somewhat similar to the kind I’ve seen on some of the wrestling Tees, I guess a music band shirt is always a good investment. I have seen some of the Rolling Stones shirts which features the famous ‘mouth & tongue’ sold for more than RM100. Not sure if this shirt will ever get there but for RM30, what the heck.

The tag on the shirt indicates that it is made in Mexico. The brand is ‘Winterland’, size ‘L’.

The tag on the Pantera shirt

The no ‘3’ design on the back of the shirt

On the back of the shirt is a big no ‘3’. Overall the shirt is still in good condition. This is probably be another one of the items that will go into the ‘keep & sell’ bin. So, if you are a die hard Pantera fan, do give me an offer on this ‘Watch It Go 3’ Pantera shirt. Hopefully this shirt will go to a new owner who values it more.

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