A Patagonia brand daypack from a bundle shop! Can you believe it??

I got this Patagonia brand daypack from a pasar malam in Sungai Petani recently. Was coming back from a dinner meeting with some friends when we spotted the pasar malam. A quick stop and a few minutes later, I ended up with a daypack. As happy as can be!

The Patagonia daypack I got from pasar malam bundle shop

The Patagonia brand is one of the more expensive brands around, very popular especially in the US. If not mistaken, they do more of outdoor adventure type of clothing but in recent years, I have seen more and more of the brand diversifying into products like daypacks etc on ebay. Having to find one in a bundle shop is certainly a joy!

This I would guess is a daypack made specially to hit the Japanese market. The bundle stall after all is selling mostly Japanese clothing. It is a simple, basic design daypack, the type you’d normally find on brands like Outdoor Products and High Sierra (older models). A single main compartment with a smaller, front sewn on pouch for the smaller essentials.

The front pouch, zippered and meshed

Since this is a daypack, I reckon no bigger than 20 liters for the main compartment, it doesn’t come with some facny back panel system. The more I look at it, the more I like it as a daily use kind of item. If I could go back in time…back to my schooling days, I would be king for carrying such a cool backpack around.

The back panel of the pack is simple

The daypack’s simple waist buckle system…not designed to take heavy load off your shoulders I think

So, what’s the condition of the pack? The waterproof lining inside the pack is peeling off a bit. A normal thing one would see in a lot of bundle pack.

The inner lining of the pack is pealing

However, the pack material itself is quite stiff, quite good still I would say. Besides the peeling condition and some scuff and discoloration, I’d say this is a great pack. For RM60, I think it’s a bargain for a Patagonia brand daypack.

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