A Porter sling back from bundle, used clothing.

The brand Porter has been around for some time now. In the beginning when it came into the local ‘bundle’ scene, it was expensive. The price ranged from RM100 to a few hundred for a bag, any type of bag, as long as it is a Porter. This ‘bundle’ bag is a really good find but have not used it much to be honest!

The Porter sling bag, with the aerosol canister as size comparison

This is probably my first ever Porter brand bag. I cannot remember where I got it but it has been stored away in my pile of bags for quite some time. It is almost unused this bag. It has a main compartment with some sleeves on the front side. It has a flap type of lid and a buckle on the front to close everything in. Look at the pictures for a better description.

The sleeves on the front of the bag

The zippers on the bag

As I was going through the pockets, I found a purchase receipt. Now…there aren’t many bundle shops that gives out receipts but I reckon this is the shop located somewhere around Bukit Mertajam. I remember there used to be a rather ‘posh’ bundle shop there but not sure if they are still in business. Price on the receipt? RM80. I am sure that is not the retail price, it would probably be the price I paid after bargaining.

On the back of the bag, the is also a sleeve pocket. No zippers or buttons, just an open entry.

The open entry sleeve pocket on the back of the bag.

There are two labels inside this Porter sling bag. There are some Japanese writing on the labels as well as the words “Japan Luggage Association”. There’s also the numbers 200 on the other label. Model number perhaps?

The labels inside the bag

Underneath inside labels of the bag

At the moment, I am still using my other sling bag as my everyday carry. Am not sure if I will be changing to this sling bag anytime soon. It will probably end up back in the bag of ‘stored items’ or with my better half. Either way, at least I now have one of the hugely popular Porter bag brand item.


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