Pantera’s black tooth grin shirt

Black Tooth Grin is actually a drink named after the thrash metal group Pantera. Something I initially thought is one of their album’s title names. This is another impulse buy, hoping that this would compliment the other Pantera shirt that I already have.

According to Wikipedia, Pantera became very well known for their excessive partying and debauchery to an extend to acquiring an official drink called the Black Tooth Grin a.k.a Black Tooth, The Grin or BTG.

The front of the Pantera Black Tooth Grin shirt

A close up of the design on the front

The shirt’s label indicates that it is a Hanes shirt, size M for an adult. Probably a size L for Asians.

The label on the shirt

The back of the shirt

I did a bit more research on this Black Tooth Grin drink and found some interesting stuff. One site actually has a reader posting that the drink was actually created by the band’s former guitarist and it consists of a large shot of seagrams 7, a large shot of crown royal and a splash of coke. Some other sites gave some slightly different recipe for this Pantera group drink. According to, the drink consist of 2 1/2oz Crown Royal Canadian Whisky and 1 splash of Coca Cola.

Care to try a Pantera Black Tooth Grin?

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