The Helly Hansen Sea Gear clothing range tag

Helly Hansen is a brand no stranger in the sailing world. In the bundle clothing market in Malaysia, it is gaining some popularity, especially among the outdoor kaki, the more adventurous folks.

I found this shirt hanging on the canopy of a pasar malam bundle stall. The stall owner decided that the writings and condition of the shirt is unique, so he decided to hang it up. The price he was asking for was RM35.

The shirt is in raltively good condition

This shirt is of size Large. The paper like tag underneath the shirts tag revealed that the shirt is made in the USA. Quite a fine shirt I reckon, though the cotton material is normally a bit heavier for use in this tropical climate of Malaysia,

The paperlike tag on the shirt…Made in U.S.A

The back of the shirt has no prints. On the left shoulder though is a clear print of the brand and its logo (I assume) for the ‘Sea Gear’ range.

No prints on the other side of the shirt

The prints of the left hand side of the shirt’s arm

One unique thing that makes this shirt stands out is the brand name’s tag on the bottom right front of the shirt. It has the Helly Hansen name on it, with what looks like a map/ chart with a Compass Ross and the words ‘Norway Est 1877’. Wow…I did not know that the brand has been established since 1877!

The tag on the front bottom right of the shirt

A close up of the picture

SO, how much did I pay for this Helly Hansen Sea Gear shirt? I did a little bit of bargaining and walked away with this shirt for RM20. Nice eh?

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