The buckle on Gregory pack

This is a Gregory brand daypack I got from a bundle shop in Sungai Petani Kedah. Gregory, an American brand for outdoor goods, mainly backpacks for adventure use is not available new in Malaysia (not that I know at least). The nearest stores selling new items from this brand would be Singapore.

Gregory products are not cheap at all. In fact, they are among the most expensive commercial brands in the USA. Go look on some of the online gear retailer and you will know what I mean. The older Gregory pack I had was sold some few months back.

The Gregory daypack from a bundle shop in Sungai Petani

This pack is of simple design. It has one main zippered compartment with a small pocket on the front side. The zippers are all YKK. There are 4 metal ‘feed through’ attachement on the front of the pockets as well. I assume they are for some of Gregory’s other pouches, or accessories.

This Gregory daypack uses all YKK zippers

The metal ‘feed through’ attachments

I am not ready to call this daypack a vintage yet though. Somehow, I have a feeling that Gregory has produced this daypack specifically to target the Japanese consumer market, specifically the fashion industry.

This Gregory daypack has a simple back panel. It probably has a flexible, rather stiff plastic board inside to give it some rigidity. This to my opinion is more than enough, better than packs that try to put some cushion on the pre-text of comfort.

The simple back panel on the daypack

But I have to say that this daypack’s shoulder padding is extremely good. Not only is it thick but it is comfortable. It’s the type of sponge that is used on expensive PFDs. Very ‘springy’.

The thick and comfortable shoulder pad on this Gregory daypack is a major plus

One thing that puzzles me though is why the shoulder straps are kept together with Velcro. Its weird cause while the two can be separated, none of it can be removed from the pack for change.

Why make it separate when it cannot be removed completely?

While I try to find out the answer to this design, I have decided to pass this pack to my better half. She values packs a lot and fell in love with it almost immediately. For RM120, it is for keeps I reckon. A light hand wash and this Gregory daypack from a bundle shop is as good as it gets!!

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