A pre-loved Prana pants

Wow…I never thought I would find a near mint Prana climbing pants in bundle. I am really happy that I decided to make that quick detour to the bundle stall near my house (pasar malam day). Hanging lonely at on corner sits this really nice looking pants

Prana is an expensive brand indeed. It is a brand (if not mistaken) designed for climbers and yoga people. It’s suppose to be an ultra comfy pants. I visited their website and I was greeted with this huge picture of a guy hanging off a rock face. Nice.

Anyway, back to this pair of Prana long pants, it’s a size XL (thank God!) and I would say it’s almost mint. There are no signs of abuse on this pants

The inside label of the Prana pants

No tears at all

The original price tag was RM25. I bargain and got it for RM25. I would say that the price is right. I can always leave the pants there and come back a week later (hopefully the price will be lower then) but I did not want to take the chance. I bought it.

Like many other climbing pants like Gramicci and adventure gear manufacturers like Columbia and The North Face, one of the ways they make the pants feel more comfy is to expand the groin area. They do this with an additional piece of cloth. This allows for ease of movement, especially for climbers trying to reach the next hold with their feet.

The ‘extra’ piece in the groin area allows ease of movement

This Prana pants also comes with Velcro zippers. Not a clue why they go with Velcro on this one.

Velcro is used on this pair of Prana pant

There is a pocket on the back of the pants with a label on it.

The Prana long pant back pocket

I guess Prana is not a one of the mainstream brands yet in Malaysia. In actual fact, there is only one shop (a climbing gym actually) in Malaysia that carries this brand (that is what I was told) and a pair of Prana pant can set you back to a few hundred ringgit. While the pants fits me quite snug, knowing that I paid only a fraction of the actual price of the item is in itself gratifying.


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