The National Pimp Association logo

Is there such a thing as a National Pimp Association? Well, I have a shirt with it printed all over. This used shirt I got from a bundle shop near KKB during a trip there. Happen to chance by another kedai bundle and manage to score this unique shirt. ‘Pimp’…we all know what it is but an ‘association’ for it. Now that’s what I call cool.

The front of the NPA shirt

For RM20, I think this is a rather rare find, so I decided to get it. I wonder whether there is such an association. A quick google on the internet returned me a number of photos, the designs something similar to the one on this shirt. There is also a link to a site but as I was at work, I doubt if accesing a website with the word ‘pimp’ on it is a good idea.

Back of the shirt

The printing and everything seems to be good still. I don’t really fit this shirt to be honest. I bought it because it is unique. I would probably give it away as a giftto one of my friends or sell it to anyone who is willing to pay for it. Selling price? Goes to the higest bidder of course.

The logo on the front...only from bundle clothing!

What is National Pimp Association? I have not a clue. Can anyone please fill me in?

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