A Belleville Gore-Tex boots from bundle!

Bundle shoes (‘kasut bundle‘ in Malay) is not easy to come by. In KL, there are several stalls that sells them but models and makes are normally very limited. So, I was lucky when I found this pair of Belleville tactical boots from a stall in Jalan Ipoh.

It is never easy for me to find a good pair of boots for my size 11/12 feet. Almost all my shoes are either from bundle. I have a pair of jungle boots which I also got from bundle and they are awesome. This pair of boots comes in timely as I was looking for a back-up pair.

The Belleville Gore Tex boots

Don’t mind Eric (the South Park figurine). I was a little bit carried away while taking pics of the figurines that I decided to include them in my other bundle item pictures. Adds a bit of color and taste to the pictures I reckon.

The boots fitted my feet really well. The only downside is that it has Gore-tex lining inside. Obviously made for cold weather, this pair of boots is just too hot for any traveling here in Malaysia. I am thinking of removing the Gore-Tex lining myself so that it is more bearable to wear.

The soles on this pair of boots are of course from Vibram. Note that the Vibram logo on the soles are not in yellow (what it normally is), and that is the reason I assume that this is a pair of tactical boots. The soles are also not really made for the jungle terrain I think.

The Vibram soles on the boots

They are definitely made in the US. Below is a shot of the inside label of the boots. The label may not be there soon once I start cutting out the Goretex lining.

The inside label on the boots

Well, until I find the time (and probably courage) to grab a knife and start removing the GoreTex lining, I have the boots sitting in the corner of the house…waiting for it’s execution day or who knows…an opportunity to wear in some cold climate.

The 'starting' price

The price I paid for it? Well, someone was trying to sell a similar pair in one of Malaysia’s online auction site for RM300. The price tag on the boots while hanging at the stall was RM175.  I chatted with the seller and after a few bargaining bouts, I manage to get the price reduced to RM50. Yup…from RM175 to RM50. Now, THAT is a bargain for a pair of Belleville Goretex boots I reckon.


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