I was at Kuala Pilah when I spotted this outdoor brand Columbia down jacket. It is in such a good condition that I decided to buy and try to re-sell it.

This is the great thing about bundle. One will never guess what one will find. That is exactly why my wife got into it. Its not like walking into a shop with a list of what to buy. With bundle clothing, one walks into it usually with a rough idea, wether its going to be a shirt or a pants and very often they walk away with a gem.

This is a fine example. This Columbia brand jacket is suple and soft. Unlike the syntethic fillings, the feather fillings make it so comfortable and soft. I manage to bargain a bit. The seller was reluctant to reduce the price much. I doubt if it is due to the brand. I had a feeling it’s more due to the soft and comfy feeling of the jacket.

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