I found this Nike ACG of what looks like a cycling shirt/ jersey in a used clothing store in Segamat recently. The store is big and I found many interesting things there. I guess this is a cycling shirt because of the few pouches on the back of the short. The material is synthetic and it has a zippered chest collar. For RM15, this shirt is a bargain I would say. The size, I reckon is a L.

Unfortunately, the shop owner tagged the price bar on the shirt label. My mistake was that I wasn’t paying attention to him when he was packing the shirts into the bag. He tore not the price tag but the shirt’s tag by ripping the plastic hook (used to tag the price tag). I manage to save a couple of pieces but the few pieces were already torn. Thanks Mr Shop Keeper!

Nice shirt really. Unfortunately I don’t cycle and the idea of walking around with pouches behind my back isn’t all that appealing to me. So, this piece I will sell to whoever is interested. AND…I found another same piece but long sleeve in the same shop as well. That’s coming next.


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