This is a Columbia jacket I got from a used clothing store in Australia a few years back. It’s almost in mint condition and for AUSD50, I can’t complain really. The weather that time was getting pretty cold and I thought having a jacket would be great.

I am not sure what model it is. It is a pull-over jacket and comes with tonnes of pockets on the front. I don’t think its waterproof but it certainly helped me to stay warm then. Just a couple of wears cause my visit was cut short. It has been in the cupboard ever since.

It seems that this is a work jacket. Most of the hard wearing areas (shoulders, elbows etc) is protected by a hard thick black cordura type material. The jacket seems bombproof but I know I will never need it in Malaysia.

I have sold this jacket to someone from Gunung Online. Very cheap to be honest. I needed to get rid of stuff. There will be more coming, so stay tuned!

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