I actually bough a couple of these off a clearance sale in Singapore many years back

I actually bough a couple of these off a clearance sale in Singapore many years back

Many many years ago, I remember landing myself a couple of Karrimor Trail45 backpack during a ‘baju bundle’ hunt in Singapore. The packs are not actually used but they are certainly old stock. The shop owner was having a sale and was clearing out some of his stock. I was crazy about backpacks then (still am but not THAT crazy), so I decided to buy a few. Yes, a few! These are not actually ‘bag bundle’ but having kept them sol long, I guess they can pass as bundle items

Backpack are backpacks. But somehow Karrimor (a brand from the UK) somehow hits a soft spot and I believe the same goes with a lot of the outdoor enthusiasts in Malaysia. I had a couple of outdoor backpack then but a 45 liter daypack is something I have always wanted. The 45 liters was just right.

So, again recently I was back in my hometown and my mom told me she found yet another pile of packs. My eyes lit up when I saw the Karrimors. The units were unfortunately all made in China. They would be extra awesome if they were made in UK. But nevertheless, it has the old authentic look of a typical British bergan look. It also has that cool buckle system which I really loved. How I wished my other packs uses the same system. It allows the waist belt to be released simply by flipping the buckle. Awesome design.

Side pockets. They are truly a rare sight these days. Most packs now come with either very small or very useless side pockets that can rarely fit anything. These pockets however can swallow loads of stuff. It’s a internal frame pack and comes with a simple two piece frame plates. Removable of course.

The only downside is the waterproofing of the pack material. The material on the inside is getting sticky. A shame really.

As much as I like to keep them, but a few is just too many. So, I have decided that I would sell all except one for my own use. The plan is maybe to post them up on some of the local Malaysian auction sites.

Ini bag outdoor Karrimor model Trail45. Dibuat di China, design simple and old school. Top loading. Beg ni I beli beberapa biji di Singapura beberapa tahun yang lalu. Tak teringat pun pasal bag ni. Tersimpan di stork at kampong sampai mak yang jumpa. I ada dalam 4 biji. I nak jual semua kecuali satu untuk nak guna sendiri. Tengok-teongok la gambar dan kalau berkenan, contactlah saya. Harga RM150 sebiji, ambik dekat Sunway Piramid. Kalau nak pos, keno bayar kos Poslaju la.

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