My budweiser t-shirt

My budweiser t-shirt

At one point during my crazy ‘Baju bundle’ years, t-shirts with beer brands like Budweiser and Guinness were prized items. They were considered like the ultimate pieces to have in the circles of bundle lovers. Though the shirts advertise beers (which is forbidden in Islam), me and my Malay mates hunt them shirts down like there’s no tomorrow.

This is a Budweiser shirt which I am still keeping. I have to say that I no longer wear anything cotton these days. Especially them heavy cotton. The Malaysia weather is just too hot for me to wear them comfortably. Anyway, this shirt is among my favorites because of its design. Budweser t-shirts back then always come in very unique designs. At a glance, they sometimes don’t look like a beer themed t-shirt at all.

This particular shirt features a chameleon on the front. It has its tongue extended, hooked on what seems to be a dragonfly. The chameleon itself is perched on a block of ice and its tail frozen partially in that block of ice. There are some prints at the side of the ice block. They read ‘Red Sun  1997 Anheuser Busch Inc’. Okay…anyone out there knows what the print means?



Best yet of course is the back of the shirt. It shows two chameleons on a tree branch overlooking a small pond with a bar with a huge ‘BUDWEISER’ signboard. Closer to the bar, on the lake looks like a few green toads on some rocks. At the bottom of the pic…’We could’ve been huge…’.
I wonder why they chose to make this design. I am sure there is some ‘underlying’ message to this particular Budweiser t-shirt design. Perhaps someone can share with me some day.

This shirt is cool, unique and definitely a keeper as well.


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