Part of the items in the pile of ‘baju bundle‘ collection I had stashed back in my hometown is this Planet Hollywood jacket.


Denims have long been a popular item in the ‘baju bundle‘ scene here in Malaysia. Jeans especially goes without saying. Brands like Levi’s, Lee and Wrangler has long been the mainstream names of denims. Occasionally, one will find jackets such as these. There are not particularly rare, especially in the US but in Malaysia, finding one such piece from a bale of used clothing will certainly put a smile on owner’s face.

I can’t remember where I got this piece of jacket. I may have ordered it from the US eBay when I started my baju bundle shop a few years back. I needed a few really nice items to ‘decorate’ as well as to make the shop looks more ‘ong’ (a Chinese word that means something like greatness). I can’t remember how much I paid for it though.

Planet Hollywood Phoenix denim jacket

Planet Hollywood Phoenix denim jacket

Nice design, note the leather patch at the bottom

Nice design, note the leather patch at the bottom

Everything is so right about this jacket. Not only does the Planet Hollywood ‘logo’ embroidered nicely on the back, but the collars and sleeves are all decorated with Planet Hollywood ‘themed’ cloths. The branding and the image itself I would say is superb. Even the buttons have the words ‘Planet Hollywood’ engraved on them. Simply awesome.


The last and probably what I like most is the ‘leather’ patch the makers included on the lower back of the jacket. leather patch has the words ‘Planet Hollywood’ embossed on it. The tan color makes it look rugged and well seasoned.


The jacket is M size, so there is no way I am fitting into it. Unless I get a good offer to buy it, I guess I will keep it as a souvenior. Who knows one day some collector may offer me good money for this piece of Planet Hollywood Phoenix denim jacket.


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