I have no clue what made me decide to buy this Jack Wolfskin sleeveless vest. I am never much of a vest person. They seem to be popular among fishing enthusiasts and hunters though…anyway, me being me…I just gotta have one piece each of every item.


The Jack Wolfskin sleeveless vest


For the same item, European sizes are smaller one size compared to the Asian size

To start with, this is a size M (Asian) and size S (European). Either way, I still can’t wear it. A tad too small for me. But what I like about this vest is its design, material (see picture below) and of course, the outdoor brand played an important role in convincing me to depart with RM10. Things that ‘brands’ do to me…aaaargh!


The vest has many front pockets. One pocket at the back…God knows what that’s for. I can only imagine that it is only used to keep stuff when one is out with another person. Otherwise, to reach for the stuff would really be an acrobatic feat.


The back pocket, doubt if the wearer can actually reach in and grab stuff

Besides the outside pockets, the vest also spot a hidden pocket near the zippers, at the chest . You can see the zipper to this hidden pocket in the picture below.


One of the things that I always like to look at when it comes to clothing is the amount of detail that manufacturers put into their product. This is especially so with outdoor branded goods. This is especially true when in recent years, brand logos seems to be at every corner and nook imaginable (See my write up about the old and new The North Face short pants that I did). Well, with this pair of Jack Wilfskin vest, all the front buttons spots the foot print logo of the brand. Then there is the stopper for the drawstring on the inside of the vest. The stopper also has the logo printed on it.


The Jack Wolfskin logo everywhere

I guess perhaps that is one of the ‘these days’ criteria when it comes to branding. Have them where ever one can.

And yes, this is yet another piece of item I found among the baju bundle (used clothing) stalls around the place where I leave in Petaling Jaya. In the past few weeks, there are one of two more baju bundle stalls, so I get to spend (both time and money) more at these stalls. This Jack Wolfskin vest unfortunately may be going into the ‘give to friends’ bin since I can wear them. Sigh…vests…I wonder if any of my friends would really wanna wear it.

I beli baju vest Jack Wolfskin ini kat pasar malam dekat Petaling Jaya. Taklah mahal sangat tapi yang kurangnya kecik sangat. Muat tu muat tapi bengkak la jugak nampaknya. Beli sebab tak pernah ada, lagipun brand outdoor. Okaylaa…hmmm…tapi nak buat apa eeh ngan vest ni? Kalu ada yang minat nak beli, bagi tau yeeee…kalau tidah, sedekah aje kat member.

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