I decided recently that I should share some pictures of the bundle stalls that I usually visit around K.L. What’s more important is that I try to show the colors of these used clothing stalls. So that perhaps it will somehow explain partly why I love them so much.

Used clothing or baju bundle in Malaysia comes in a variety of colors and mixtures. Though they were all pre-processed into bales of clothing types (jeans, shirts, sweaters, shorts etc), their color, smell and variety is simply amazing.

Check out this store that’s near to the place I stay in P.J area.

There’s this one particular baju bundle stall in Chow Kit that i simply must take picture of. They specializes in boxer pants. Yup…used boxer pants has somewhat hit the streets and they seem to be really popular. As much as I adore used clothing, this is the one thing that perhaps I will stay away from.

Stay tuned. More bundle pictures to come.


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