Just came back from Sungai Petani, visiting my parents. Of course I took the opportunity to visit some of the kedai bundle there selling used clothing. I am still hunting for my bomber jacket. One of the bundle shops did actually have a nice Alpha bomber jacket but the size was M and color green. Yikes…I would really like to try to stay away from green. To military like in a way.

There’s another shop that I went to. Surprisingly, they do not have any jackets but a bomber pants. Now I really wonder if this is a real article or one of them spin offs you’d find as soon as something gets over popular. Its green as well. rather thick. No way am gonna wear it in Malaysia.

I am focused, so bomber jacket is still what I am looking for. Was very tempted to buy a few pieces of short and shirts but told myself that I gotta stay focused on the bomber jacket or otherwise I am going to forget about it soon.

Now that I am back in KL, have to start planning visits to my favorite joints to find my stash!

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