Check this out! I just got this Hawaiian shirt from a ‘kedai’ bundle shop in Langkawi on a work trip recently. Hawaiian shirts are like a must have, even if you don’t have an occasion to wear them to. They are like one of those must have accessories. I have friends who’d think otherwise. They adore Hawaiian shirts as they are cool, sort of like everlasting and gives you this ‘relax’ kinda of feeling.

Anyway, back to my Reyn Spooner…this brand is NOT common, even in bundle shops. They are sort of like a collector’s item, especially among some of the Hawaiian shirt enthusiasts in Japan. Why? Well, to start with, check out the brand label below:

A bit obscene but hey, its unique right? Its 100% made in USA and the overall design to my opinion fits the best ‘Hawaiian’ shirts criteria around. First is the buttons. Made of coconut shells. These shirts have gotta have its character. Normal buttons won’t do it. Coconuts shells are the best, some come with pearl buttons…but i think those are a bit out of place. Check out this shirts button…

Next, we move on to the chest pocket. See if you can spot the pocket in the picture below…

Can’t find it? That’s because the maker has cut out an identical piece as the background and then sew it on to add the pocket. This is definitely dedicated workmanship mate! The common Hawaiian shirts will just use any patch of the same design to make the pocket. But uh…uh…not on this Reyn Spooner!

Below is the overall picture of the shirt.

But the best is yet to come. Well, at least that is what I think. Know how jeans have redline? Or kepala kain? Well, part of this shirt is made using the start (or end) of the cloth. And I believe it was purposely done that way. Have a look at this picture. Check out the inside folds of the shirt. Notice the while line with the color spots? Those are the end/ start of the cloth. Awesome! I donno about you but I know for a fact that this is not common in all the normal clothes we see in shops anywhere. This is unique. This is special. This is a keeper!


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